About Him

I find working with oil paint, charcoal, or any hand drawn raw medium the most rewarding. It is therapeutic, and requires time, skills, and patience.

I started off drawing only in black and white, focusing on nothing more than rendering techniques. As I explore more in tattooing and painting, I am learning to place more emphasis on composition, and philosophy of the subject matter. This is a lifelong creative journey where plateaus don’t exist and full satisfaction is never achieved. Art is a progressive highway with tours of long agonizing hours, but enlightens the mind and soul abundantly.


Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio
Shawn Barber
David Kassan
Paul Acker
Shigenori Iwasaki
Jeff Gogue
Tattoo Bandit

I am no longer accepting commissions, in order to focus on tattoos. Thanks for understanding.


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