the Art of Him

Tattooing, charcoal, and oil paint are my art mediums of choice. The history of music, and my Khmer culture has always been the center of all my artistic inspirations, hence why most of the subject matter consists of portraits of musicians and pop icons. 


There’s no hip concept, or artsy jargon-filled way to describe my body of work. I’m constantly exploring and experimenting with different rendering techniques and compositions. With so much to learn, knowing that I will never reach a plateau in the world of art is what keeps me enlightened. 

-B.A. Studio Art from Cal State Long Beach
-Apprenticed with Master Bandit Khoul on February 1, 2013
-Began tattooing October 27, 2013
Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio
Shawn Barber
David Kassan
Boden Him

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